Greetings from omrizkiblog

Hi good fellas, friends and people from wherever you are.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am omrizkiblog 🙂 my pen name of course, real name (Classified, just check me email yo)… Haha… It is nice to meet you, and I hope you share the same feeling. In my first post,let me tell you a bit about myself.

Cough 2x… first of all, as a motorcyclist, I love pretty girl and riding motorcycle. I love pretty girl most. I have been riding motorcycle for more than five years (about six and half years) ever since the authority had trusted me to hold my own driving license, by handing them several thousand rupiahs (here in Indonesia), for tax, insurance and administration fee of course … (believe me I made it through such hard test and without cheating… Yeay).

The Sky is limitless, just like my will. The Horizon is wide, just like my dreams. I am just a kid with broad interest, I love people, I absolutely love pretty girl and I love this amazing world.

In fact, ever since I moved to the new town, I have growth an interest to just go out with my bike and enjoy the world, scenery, life, people, landscape, sux traffic, bad weather, and pretty girls, nice strangers, alien?, obnoxious rider, and also polite, mesmerizing and honorable police officer (in my dream), having fun as long as there is road and ammunition (gas) available.

IMHO, it really is such great experience because I think many people are not that lucky to do so… To appreciate life that God has kindly created (thank God), so yeahhh, I think I am just lucky kid 😂 (clap clap). 

Speaking of “many people are not that lucky” I mean we are all have our own uniqueness and obviously different kind of interest in some things or activities which makes us all “lucky” in our own images. Please don’t compare me with those big guy please.

By the way, that is not what this whole blog about, it is just introduction since I simply cannot figure out a better phrase… booo yeah.

Last but not least, this blog is redemption, as a place for my thoughts especially, some anger and hatred you will rarely find here. Honestly, It is something which I should have done many years ago. Hell, better late than never because things are just started to get better! And at least i have something to do now.

omrizkiblog suzuki smash
Me riding me cousin’s bike, thanks brah. One step closer to be natural adventurer. For me personally, adventure is meant to explore the unexplored, so that we might have better understanding of our life and unveiling the lesson which the world’s hide.

Well then, since I am a first time blogger here and this is my very first post, I beg your pardon and gotta say thank you very much to have come and step by on me blog.

However, you can always help us to grow and become better. You can also enlighten us by leave a comment or two, share your website, link, selfie pict maybe? (b00bs pict please)… Knowledge or your opinion or advice or whatever you find interesting and appropriate to be shared with, like this one.

Well, least to remind you, please come often and have funnnnnn (How? It is up to you, don’t let me hold yourself). 

Thank you and have a great day! 🙋

by omrizkiblog

4 thoughts on “Greetings from omrizkiblog

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    1. thank you for coming sister, have a look at another article, and don’t be shy to share your thoughts or opinions. we welcome your idea and critics, thanks again and have a good day 😀


  1. That was a great blog, it was you in greeting, Finally I am proud of you boys!.. thanks for being me on your blog.. let’s be success!

    Liked by 1 person

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