2016 US Presidential Election Part 2: End of battle!

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All praise be to the Lord of all Mankind, the Greatest and the Almighty.

Hi mate! Thank you and I know it is not the usual way to open this article. Anyway, it is fine.

“Although dreams are bitter and reality are sweet, I am good enough to accept those reality. Some will never wake up, and if you cannot accept it yet, well, get used to it because that is the reality we will have to deal with”.

What a relief! The nightmare is finally over (I hope so). Here comes the fun part, honestly mate honestly, just trying to be honest with you, with all due respect, I thought if Hillary won, then it proves something that American people were crazier than the people here. Big No! Trump wins against all the odds! Something’s wrong happened, and they blame putin for it, what a bunch of BS.

And gosh, I just cannot stop awed. Trump must fly so hiiiiigh when he knows that most “sane American” voted for him instead of Clinton, “yeah yeah, Suck on it, Clint!” (Imagine Trump’s funny face talk to Hillary while rapping like Eminem, absolutely will send her right away to emergency room).

Certainly, I was believing Hillary could win the election by quite large margin considering she had been favored as the right person for the job, but I was wrong, and for the second time my prediction was wrong. So the main question for American, is it the right decision or the worst thing American have done? We will see soon, just don’t die yet to see that day.

Joker rises high! Batman sinks in gloom!

The American people have spoken. Trump is 45th President of United States of America. I knew good news did not go over well there since some on the other sides cannot accept defeat very well, yeah you know that right? So first of all, to cool the heat down, congratulations to all American and both president Trump’s and Hillary’s supporters. I hope your new president is all you wish for and both party and people of USA fully support him, amen brother.

Apparently, 8 November 2016 has become a great day for American. That day also must be the happiest day in the heart of Trump but slap on the face of Clinton’s. You might disagree with me, but I believe 100% agreed that Trump is a breath of new fresh air.

OK, I mean you are agreed that Trump maybe big mouth and seemed (crazy) illogical but he is less dangerous than Hillary right? (Nope, they look just same to me) To sum up what I mean, here is some lines from Trump’s victory campaign which I am sure even Hillary herself would be bothered to say the same thing:

“I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America’s interests first we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone. All people and all other nations. We will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict”.

Trump’s speech on his Victory campaign, ssshhh… Now we know that its full of bullsh*t!

Honestly, although his victory speech was more encouraging and had received many positive reaction from many countries and leaders, I will take it with a grain of salt because trust me, I have been there. I heard this kind of narrative before. And I am really sorry that you have to hear it but we must remember this, everyone who believe political promises are in for disappointment, although not at all sometimes but it just rarely happens. 

And while things look fair and improved, I suspect the game plan remains the same (Unless Trump really has some nerves to break US President’s tradition as chief of warmonger and become chief of diplomacy), as a result, we shall not let our guard downs. Time will tell so I guess we best take all we can get while we can.

And let’s be frank, do you remember the euphoria when Obama was first elected and how it was spread over the world? (Yes, and in case you asked me the same question, I did remember the euphoria when Mr. Jokowi was first elected as the president of our country) That is what we have here with Trump, so “don’t hold your breath” as Captain America said to Nick Fury.

Furthermore, it is obvious that Trump still has many issues which must be addressed since he will be Mr. President but I am quite sure they will never be touched unless by his opposition. Also, it is just (funny) unusual to see Trump, whom has not enter the White House yet but some “radical” Americans already flooded the street to dethrone him, whatever.

End of the battle, but the beginning of what?

Trump will face not so easy future because he shall cleaning up tons of craps which Obama had left in Syria, mainly, and while trying to stop contributing to the world’s destruction by (I hope) getting his hands on to end raging war in Syria and US hegemony on middle east.

Aw yeah, and whatever he must come through to deal with Russia, China, and those Jong Un’s nuclear silo, I hope it does involved diplomacy, not Nukes. Come on Donie, just because Putin does not agree with you about Assad that does not mean you can just start WW3 right away, like “she” would probably have done.

And please someone tell him to widen his horizons and see how truly amazing this world be filled with different kind of people; White, black, brown, yellow and so and so. Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Jew or atheist or whatever, and whether they are American, Asian, Africa, European and everyone, we are all share similarities that we are all human being, and we are meant to live peacefully in the same small planet earth. And in case “you” cannot deal with them then left that problems to your “seemed saner than you” lovely wife Melania, let the touch of woman and power of love and kindness takes role, I am sure her brains will come up with better solutions, if not, well, *F* me mate.

Last but not least, make no mistake, the battle was just beginning. The real battle will take place after Trump has been inaugurated as the new president in January 2017, the date? Does not matter. Let’s hope it all works out for the best of us mankind, and let’s hope Hillary does not have him killed soon.

So, to sum all up, will Trump do something better than his predecessor or he is just the different puppet with the same agenda? 

I am all for world peace, so let us pray for the safety of ourselves and our families, and pray for the righteous leaders who fight for humanity against all evil and Satan. Best wishes to you and MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!

Thank you for reading this article. Feel free to share your thoughts here. We welcome and appreciate your feedback. Have a great day mate 😀

by omrizkiblog

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