Most People Hate Their Jobs

As always, poor Mr. Squidward. So, do you feel like this everyday? well, that’s too bad.

… and let’s not be one of those poor souls.

Hi mate! Nice weather isn’t it? It’s always great to see you again! Been long time did not post here, but I am back now so please enjoy reading this article and have fun.

It’s Just a Job, Why Bother?

So, your friends start to talk about how wonderful their jobs are, how incredible they have to travel to workplace, how neat the suit and tie they have to wear, and how amazingly busy they are every single day. What a life. However, deep in your mind you cannot really grasp what they mean by the way besides, aw… I see, you must really love your job then.

But, there is saying “all those glitters are not always gold and all that happy face are deceiving”. You do not know what just happened last night but, they are coming back to you and this time start rattling about how miserable the jobs, the workplace and the people they have to face every day. At the end, there is nothing else you can do except giving your honest response; aw… I see, you must have found reasons to hate your job now, like most people, congratulations. Bang! your friend shots himself.

Having said that, in the world of “everything’s connected through internet”, when you look around you, your friends or strangers in facebook, twitter, instagram or whatever social media platform you use, we are presented with the image of people who seem enjoy their jobs, or at least depicts image that they enjoy their jobs, or are they?

Do you ever wonder why? It is because failure to enjoy your job is failure, therefore nobody wants to be seen as having failed at something, at the job. At least not in the face. Got it mate? Nah, I get it, carry on mate. Furthermore, showing that you do hate your job, especially to your coworker is sinful act because it is mandatory to keep wearing happy face in workplace. Otherwise, you will get screwed up by the boss at the end of the day. What’s not to like huh?

Next, if you think that was the worst-case scenario you had faced, try this; there is this job’s advice syndrome, I do not know why but it is spreading pretty fast. All of sudden, it has become a norm now that everyone talk about finding a job someone passionate about and yada yada yada.

Errr… famously speaking by You-Know-Who (If you don’t, I pity you). Thus, make me think, “alright, okay but, pfffffttt … wtf man”. Come on mate, the guy already told me that, could you give me another advice? No way. Well, would you like my advice? No, but go ahead. You wanna know what I honestly thought mate? (And I believe that most people will agree with me) Let’s get straight on this! “Find a job that pays well, ones that you don’t hate, and it doesn’t make your life miserable, preferably, lots of pretty girls to chat around”.

My point is, you should not be in a job you hate, that don’t pay well, and make your life miserable and no pretty girl around, end of story. After all, I am not saying what the guy said is wrong, just misleading sometimes. But hey, that is my opinion, why so serious, I am just slightly joking. You can get stroke if you were eating too much fatty foods, am I correct?

So, let me being honest with you, I am not an expert about job consultation or consultation job, but I have seen many times, met some people whom really love what they do and they really make you feel like they are doing something special. I mean, they really do their best, make the most out of it and produce finest result. Hell, they make me envy them. I do not even know how they can working like that when most people are enslaved in 9 to 5 torture every day.

Isn’t it obvious sign that something wrong is happening around us? In our workplace? In those capitalist’s system we called corporate work? Or is it merely our fault who let ourselves slipped onto that trap without knowing really well why on earth we are doing what we are doing? (Red-Shitty Job). Gosh so many questions to answer… I wish I did not asking those questions, now I have to explain it to people, friends, and you who read this article so that I don’t hurt my credibility. Please pay attention.

If It Were Fun, I Would Not Call It a Day

It was hard to imagine the hell I have been through. I was once doing something which is really outside my comfy box (comfy box is for pussy) teaching, kids, and alone, ugh… what a nightmare.

I was not hate it, I was just nervous because I did not have any experience whatsoever and I was thinking that I am not capable to do so at that time. I felt horrible though, preparing lots of alibis and keep the escape route in check if things go south. Nevertheless, I still have to do it because I need to pass my internship lecture or else I am screwed.

During the first days, I must say that it was like volunteering yourself to the Nazi gas chamber. You have no idea whether you will survive or not (I mean keep the job or get fired). However, after quite stormy days, I looked forward and started to see the sun rises again.

Thank God, I realized that I might not as good as my colleague at teaching but I am good at make kids laugh, to die. Consequently, since that day, my purpose of teaching had turned upside down, from teaching, to get kids entertained.

Yeah! you gotta keep ‘em coming! So we played games, we sang songs, watched videos, I made interesting test paper, I did stupid dance and I gave them candies if they behave like normal kids. So that my pupils did not keep yelling and running across the room, slapped their friends and start making their class as noisy as battle zone, leave me a guy with nice purpose speechless and start thinking “Scheiβe (German-Shit), I knew I should not come today”.

Luckily, one month passed and I got my official score letter which is beyond my expectation, the school principle says she was satisfied with my performance and she offered me a position, and I fuckin’ accept it. And despite anything to the contrary, at the end, I still had a hard time enjoying what I was doing even after getting used to it.

The good news is after hanged out for about 12 months teaching children and having worked with different people, there are good sides and dozens of valuable lessons to learn from those dark times. Let’s say, now I know what a teacher feels and thinks when their students are nice and follow their orders, and how mad and furious you are (well that’s the old me) when the students are naughty and behave abnormally(?) Yeah yeah, that’s a life.

Finally, worry not mate, you can now feel relief because you are not alone in those miserable shitty jobs train. We were all been there! So, let’s remember, as long as the sun keeps welcoming us when we leave and the moon shines when we back. I believe that we always hold the keys to do the things we love.

Remember that, God does not create this world to let his creations stuck under the cave. God has created this BIG World so that his creations can get out and get eaten by dinosaur, no, I mean to discover every possibilities and opportunities that lies within distance.

Because Just Like Everyone, Ye gotta Make a Living!

image via

Do you work to sustain your live or work to get what you want? I guess I’m both, don’t we agree mate? I guess, the more I hate what I am doing, the more I want to be better because as a man, let’s say you do not want your spouse seeing you half erected right? of course you don’t (red-not doing something wholeheartedly, so it makes people around you start thinking that you are what do you call that? … Incapable).

There is this tale (which is clearly my creation) a wise man from North Korea (not Jong Un) shares his wisdom to me, he said “a job can also be made enjoyable if you realize the purpose on why you have chosen to do that job rather than if it’s the only viable option you can do”. Yeah man but sometimes you just don’t have a choice, I gotta keep our furnace’s burning or else my family die freezing. Nothing great.

And what is more bothered me is that hating your jobs is not as bad as hating your live. But since you gotta make a living, chances are you’re gonna hate your live as well. As a consequence, here comes dilemma, you cannot hate your life just because you hate your jobs, the same thing goes with everything around your workplace.

Just because your workplace sucks that does not mean everyone’s there sucks too, only some. Your boss might act like mafia and some coworkers are getting annoying day by day. But hey, should i remind you about pretty girls around here, and most of them are single, so way to go! No, no, no.

What I am saying is that there still so much good things happen beyond that, we just need to dig it deeper, so that we don’t go mad, like Jim. Who’s Jim? Isn’t Jim our boss. Aw yeah I remember now.

Bottom line, I am not saying that I am already there, but I can see myself being there soon enough. Although we know that things are not going to be smooth but, we must believe in ourselves that we can embrace those days with open heart and smile on our face. Yup, good days and girls will come for sure.

So What Can We Do?

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Last but not the least, for you poor souls like me, try to see how far we have gone and what we have gotten by going this far. What value we can add to ourselves? Does it have many benefits for us and our family? Has it had good impacts on our life and make us a better person every day? What skills and knowledge we gained? What pride we got by doing that?

Finally, the most important thing to ask our inner soul is, why we keep doing that? For whom? For what purpose?

I certainly hope, by knowing our purpose and reason why we keep doing what we keep doing, we shall find peace and start seeing things in good way. I read somewhere that “the fix is in us and not in the job”. I do not believe them, they just try to be nice though.

What I believe is that we can continue doing what we are doing but that should not stop us from exploring the world out in our free time, get our hands on different things in hopes of finding that one activity will give us meaning and purpose in life. Yes! You gotta keep doing cool things to not let your flames of life die out. For your information, I am already cool by the way.

Do you feel that you are on the dark side which hates the job? or you are on the one side who happy about their jobs?

Thank you and pardon me for my language.

Thank you for reading this article. We welcome and appreciate your feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts and remember to share this article to your friends. Have a great day mate 😀

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    1. Thanks for coming mate 😁 really appreciate it 😁 and great to know that you moved already, wishing you the best and success in the future. I’ll check your site and perhaps something could inspire me. Thanks again mate 🙋


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