My Wishes For 2017

2016, another sad year in the history of mankind.

Good freakin’ morning! Does not matter where you are right now, I love you mate, I love you people.

Nice seasons, nice girls and it has been great last holiday of 2016, what’s not to remember huh?

2016 is already past and less than 24 hours we will be are in the future. 2017 is odd number but who cares. Do you people ever wonder what will happen in 2017? Do you believe that it will be a good time for everyone? God knows betterLet’s stick to it. 

2016, Another Great Year of Conflict

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It comes as no surprise that 2016 has been a great year (for warsWe have witness histories worth to remember. War, war, war and crisis have been the main headline and the war machines of super power countries are never stopped bring use closer and closer to World War 3, thanks to Israel, USA, UK and Germany. 

Sad but true, we have proxy war in the middle east. Consequently, now the world must face refugee crisis is EU and humanitarian crisis in Syria, the middle east (when we don’t?) Then we have endless conflict in Africa. Unhappy Brits who decided to leave EU made Europe burning. There was failed Turkey’s coup, more coup more set up agenda, take a look at Brazil and South Korea. We have Putin whose once again saving our ass from nuke war. 

More leaks from Wikileaks. Yet Donald Trump came up as the next US President. And many other events which we cannot mention one by one because its simply too many, I leave that to you.

By the way, despite all negativity and shitty things which have taken places in history of mankind along 2016, as a man, I pray to God that those politicians or whoever beyond that conflict, anyone who benefit from the crisis and killing, slowly dead from famine. 

I pray to God for Good Things to blossom and bring peace and happiness to the planet earth and its inhabitants, to everyone and everything, amen brother.

On the other hand, I personally wish and happen to believe that 2017 going to be peaceful year, but can anybody tell me that it will really happen? Or we will continue witnessing another human creation’s catastrophe? Or better, another war? Maybe another crisis? And will warmonger USA government retracted all its shits from middle east and perhaps stop ruining people’s day? F-ing NO! Can you please do something, Mister President? I mean our Mister President.

Hell of wish for 2017

We know that you are totally busy preparing for New Year’s Eve party and you may not have time to gather thoughts about what you wish to happen next year, but worry not because we have done that for you.

Besides all good things which each of us wish to happen in 2017, we have gathered some ideas which we think that would be great things to see forward in 2017. So without further ado, here it is:

  • Have better job with seven-digit salary.
  • Be a better mentally strong and healthy kid. I wish to stay sane in all this insanity.
  • The man with heart, kindness and wisdom rules capitol city and bring prosper and justice to everyone.
  • China defeats USA, Iran nuked Israel, Russia punished NATO, Trump sign peace treaty with Moscow. We all have good ending. Hell yeah!
  • Indonesia freed from PRC hegemony.
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  • All wars and conflicts are over, evil people who have caused catastrophes get dragged to the military supreme court and get hanged in public.
  • Government kickin’ “Freeport” in their nuts for taking all our gold’s reserve and kick em back to mars. Government takes over Freeport mining. All golds belong to the people of Indonesia.
  • Have better job with seven-digit salary.
  • More jobs will be opened so the more people being employed and less unemployed people.
  • Peace for people and no more unstable political condition just because one politician. And that current politician should be in jail immediately.
  • The government reduce all tax to 2% and increase labor national income by 50%.
  • Indonesia’s development rate at 7%. IMF fucked themselves.
  • People unite to support the government to free from international monetary dependency.
  • Evil Israel wiped off from the map. Palestine rises as sovereign nation, then followed by other oppressed nations.
  • Indonesia freed from PRC.
  • Have better job with seven-digit salary.
  • Peace and prosper spread all over the world.
  • Under President instruction, cost of internet plan reduce by 50% and all operators moved to fully implementing 4G LTE CAT 5 in every single region, so that we can hack more country. I mean to increase the benefits for more people using internet.
  • The President awaken from dream and execute the point above.
  • Good politicians arise and taking places of bad politicians.
  • No more Terrorism. All I want to hear is truth and not political BS. No more war on terror. All people want is peace.
  • Jong Un received attention he should get and brings peace back to South Korea.
  • Mainstream media get banned by KPI (Indonesia Broadcasting Committee). No more fake news and government propaganda. Isn’t that what you want Mr. President?
  • The judge decided death sentence for all corrupt politicians and hanged them in public. That’s what people want!
  • Good politicians arise and taking places of bad politicians.
  • All drugs dealer meet the bullet of justice. Indonesia freed from drugs. Send all those drugs back to the Mainland!
  • More corrupt and evil politicians, military figures and bad policemen dead in famine. Their places are taken by good men and women.
  • Facebook changed its privacy policy. Better no Facebook at all.
  • Have better job with seven-digit salary.
  • Evil people and organizations cursed and dead tragically in famine.
  • NSA, Google and Facebook’s surveillance storage system get error and exploded and all the data cannot be recovered. No more mass surveillance.
  • Good politicians arise and taking places of bad politicians.
  • The righteous man come up to fight Joker in 2019.
  • All bad, evil and corrupt government official dead in famine and they seat is taken over by good men and women.
  • Good politicians arise and taking places of bad politicians.
  • No more dollars for international transaction.
  • Indonesia national football team win something. I hope so.
  • Google Indonesia pays all its taxes to the government and stop taking sides to certain politicians.
  • Long live Putin, Erdogan and Assad. Long live peace! And peace! And peace!
  • Daesh, ISIS, ISIL and any terrorist group funded under CIA, Israel and USA goes to hell, that is included all creators.
  • Have better job with seven-digit salary.
  • All people have great family, healthy and adorable children and live a happy life forever till death do they part.
  • All people have great family, healthy and adorable children and live a happy life forever till death do they part.
  • All people have great family, healthy and adorable children and live a happy life forever till death do they part.
  • Have better job with seven-digit salary.

Well, those are more than enough wishes, so what is your wishes for 2017?

End of Day, end of Year, but not the end of World, Yet

Another day another history to be written. Let’s we say good bye to all bad memories of 2016, but let’s not forget the history, remember the history so we shall not fall into the same pit and let the bad guys outrun us again.

Forget all those fuckin’ nonsense of mainstream media and idiots politicians who tried to make this world a war zone. Let’s embrace 2017 with positive attitude and bright smile 😀 because although the unknown is coming yet that is where the sheer of adventure lies. 

Have believe in your dreams because the world’s future is on the hands of good men and women, so stand by me. We will fight evil together until we win because that is our fate.

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Finally, Happy New freakin’ Year! 🎉 As captain Spock used to say; Long live and prosper! See you again next year! Enjoy your day!🎉

Thank you for coming and spending time reading this article. Feel free to share your thoughts here. We welcome and appreciate your feedback. Help us grow by sharing this article to your friends, simply choose your favorite button bellow. What you did is really meant to us, thanks again and have a great year mate 😀

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