9 Images that will wake up your humanity Part 1 (with commentary)

Hello friends, it’s been a while. Welcome back to my blog.


It is important to note that as a human, we are not only need to feed our physical being, but also need to feed and recharge our soul, so that we do not become mad, soulless and emotionless creature, like zombies (whatever version of zombies you’d preferred).

Exclusive for you my friends, I have gathered some pictures which I found are too amazing to be missed. I tell you what, most images are about to provoke your senses of empathy and sympathy. So, if you do not get provoked by it first, try to see it again and find your own reason. Hopefully, it could mended those broken faith and made your heart tender and gave value and sense of meaning to our life.

However, if you are still not moving, then you should ask yourself whether there is still humanity left in your soul or not (the so called “poor soul”).

Needless to say, why is it important? Well, I leave that to you to figure it out as I do not want to limit your perspective.

In addition, each image has its own story, but I am not going to spoil it here, you can check the link I have provided to see it by yourself.

Finally, many thanks and credit dedicated to all photographers whom have done spectacular jobs to bring us these amazing images, best of luck to these people. Please support them by sharing their works. Please click the image to take you to the original source. Thanks and enjoy reading.

Title: Landfill Ballerina
Artist: Arash Yaghmaeian

Commentary: This image is pretty much saying that there is always a bright side in everything and we should not allow anything to let us down. It is absolutely amazing to see how well dressed she is, complete with socks and shoes. Nevertheless, we would get the impression that she does not giving up her dreams to have better life although she has to work in poor condition and in dirty place. I would love to wish her good life as this tough girl has taught us great lesson to not giving up to situation. Bless you girl!

Title: Knowledge, the Most Powerful Weapon

Artist: Adel El Masri

Commentary: Guns and other weapons might look cool on the video games, but once you realized what it has been used for, you will tremble. The kid is right for being cautious and we shall applaud more for his sacrifice and willingness to go study. For me personally, the image portrays the expensive cost of education, especially during the hardship like in the conflict zone. Thus, we whom living in peaceful condition shall not waste our time to study as it required great fortune to the others to taste the same thing.

Title: Grown Up Too Soon

Artist: Mohammed Yousef

Commentary: Sad irony. Children have always brought happiness and joy to our world, yet they are born in calamity. I do not have much to say besides where is our humanity at this moment? Will we let war machines destroy the life and kill our brother and sister again while we are fighting for our meaningless life here? … May God help and strengthen those little kids.

Title: Angels of the Clinic
Artist: Anton Unitsyn

Commentary: Children equal happiness. Their naïve expression and sincere smile is something powerful yet tearful. It is obvious that those whom born with special condition will have to struggle in their life, but on the other hand, they seemed content and do not complaint much about their life. These special kids are the one whom gives special meaning to the people like us, that we shall always be thankful to be blessed with health and shall never ceased to be happy in any conditions, no matter what.

Title: Distractions

Artist: Salem Saeed Ba Wazir

Commentary: Thank god it is not rush hour. Could you imagine if that happens to you in rush hour? So, the next time you take a walk, remember to look forward and put that phone in your pocket, do not learn things the hard way, okay?

Title: Digging for the Future
Artist: Matjaz Krivic

Commentary: This one is quite hard to describe, but I got the idea of the people who must do dangerous things to provide our modern life. It reminds me with the line from ifixit.org “Mining minerals for short-lived products has long term consequences on people, our pocketbooks and our planet”. Obviously, there are many people like in the image whom have great contribution to the modern era as they are digging out crucial elements, so we can enjoy today’s technology. For that reason, can you appreciate what you already have now?

Nb. They are digging gold in this picture, check the link for further description.

Title: To Catch a Blessing

Artist: Apurba Mallick

Commentary: When did the last time, you see something like this? Lucky for us who live in better condition than these unfortunate people, where we don’t have to wait for someone to give us what we need because they are pity us and because we are poor. Bottom-line, poverty is social problem that needs to be deal with together.

Title: Platform Zero
Artist: Alfredo Chiarappa

Commentary: Dystopian future is already here for these refugees of conflict. These are what happened when we do nothing to help stoped war and when the government put violence first instead of diplomacy. So, thanks to our government, sooner or later, it will come to all of us. Beware, the war is coming! Proudly propagandized by our government. (May God ends all conflicts and wars on earth).

Title: Anthropocene; The Children Of A Wounded Planet
Artist: Javier Sanchez-Monge Escardo

Commentary: I feel pessimist and lose words when seeing people living in what I think is frightening environment, as the picture says. We cannot deny that such places exist in one side of our planet or probably close to us (I have seen one). It is clearly seen that the pollution is landing severe damage to the environment and nature while damaging the future of the next generation. I dare to say that these are accumulated sin of human being through our modern goods and stuff and sadly it is the others who must reap what others sow.

Thank you for reading, please share your thoughts in the comment section and remember to share this article to your friends. Have a good day and Cheers for humanity 😀

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