BitTorrent: Guide to Unlock the Forbidden Archive of Internet


First of all, whatever happened to your life, your computer, laptop, notebook or smartphone after get into Torrent is not my responsibility. Please be wise when using this technology and please use it for personal use or education purpose only, if possible.

Second, make sure you are always *activated your firewall, *update your antivirus, *update web browser and *update BitTorrent application to avoid malware or any breaches. Never click or goes to suspicious website as you can probably get malware from it. Last but not least, always improve your knowledge about internet realm.

Last and the most important, never goes to dark net unprepared, never try something before you running some fact check. This is literally forbidden realm, sometimes there is no way back, but there is safer ways. Enjoy this adventure while we can.

Good luck mate!

1. Welcome to BitTorrent!

BitTorrent has been existed for years. My first contact with Torrent was back to 2011 once I got into college and the college had excellent internet connection. It was great and amazing since it feels like it could give us almost anything. Take some examples like movies, e-books, software and video games, all is available in Torrent realm. What is more? It does not charge us even for a bit, means that we can get it for free!

In this article, I would like to share with you my sights about BitTorrent or also known as Torrent. What can you get from this guide:

  • You will know more about BitTorrent.
  • You will know how to install BitTorrent client.
  • You will know how to download Torrent file.
  • You will be more knowledgeable about surfing internet forbidden archive.
  • You will obviously learn how to infringe copyright and probably piss off your internet service provider.
  • You will be more thankful human being and will kindly share this knowledge to your friends 😀

If you have any question, please let me know. You can reach me through my twitter or Instagram. Thank you and enjoy reading.

2. What is BitTorrent or Torrent exactly?

Oi mate, tell me about BitTorrent, will you?

To be frank with you, in my opinion, BitTorrent is pretty much like the surface of dark net. If dark net is almost impossible to access without having enough back up and proper knowledge since its so dangerous. BitTorrent is different and very accessible, so we basically don’t need to have software engineering degree to access BitTorrent. In contrast to dark net, BitTorrent is a lot less dangerous and worry free, but we still need to be cautious after all.
illustration of BitTorrent peer to peer protocol. image via

Speaking of BitTorrent formally, BitTorrent is a file sharing peer-to-peer protocol. BitTorrent “swarm” group of computers downloading and uploading data between each other without needing a centralized sever.

In addition, BitTorrent or torrent has main advantage that is we are not only downloading files from the original person who shared files but also get portions from other downloaders to maximize the data exchange. In short, we are actually having responsibilities to download then upload the file back.

Normally, when we download a file from web server, our computer connects to that web server and download the data directly from that server. Each computer which wants to download the file needs to connect to that specific web server to download the file, which will usually result in slow download speed.

Last, this system of BitTorrent peer to peer protocol makes Torrent unique. If for example, there are 20,000 people who downloading the same file, it could have resulted in lots of load if we used one centralized server. However, since use of BitTorrent protocol, each downloader now contributes uploading or sharing bandwidth to other downloaders.

3. Why download from Torrent?

Basically, the answer is because sometimes we cannot find the files we want from google, standard internet search and ordinary repository websites. Downloading from torrent is like walking in the park, it is so easy and addicting once we know how to explore the path. Now, I let you know three main advantages of Torrent according to my personal experience:

1. Torrent is resume-able.

Unlike direct download which sometimes prohibit us to resume our download, in Torrent, we can pause or stop our download and then resume it anytime without having worried the file will get error or corrupt. Anyway, be aware when download some applications or games. Compressed file like rar or execute file are likely to get corrupted if not being downloaded properly (e.g. too often pause and resume), although rarely the case .

2. Torrent is infinite possibilities.

Want to go crazy and download up to 100GB and 100GB upload a day? No big deal, as there is no size restriction in Torrent (the only thing will limit us is our hard drive space, our ISP and also availability of seeders and peers).

3. Torrent is community work.

Everyone can contribute to the community and help to make Torrent better. For example; by voluntarily seeding the file that we have been downloaded, that is the easiest way. Another example is by leave our comment (on my website) on Torrent’s website if available and share their works, it would help them to grow audience, thus ensure their long lasting.

4. What kind of things you can get from Torrent?

Generally, Torrent used as a place to share content which we cannot easily get due to right usage policy, copyright or premium subscription, where Google, Youtube and other sites and internet archive won’t let you to have it easily. Many popular things like movies, videos, video games, documents, e-books, music, software, applications, and pictures, are being uploaded into Torrent. All of these you can get easily without need to reach your pocket at all.

5. Now, what kind of things you cannot get from Torrent?

Although BitTorrent sounds promising, it has some drawbacks. No need to be brainer to know that not everything is available in Torrent. Like I said before, it is mostly consisting of popular things. As a result, sometimes we get what we want, other times we just don’t. Sometimes there is file that match our search keywords, but no seeders at all, especially the old torrent. Otherwise, as long as I can remember, it never gets bored since newest and latest contents are being uploaded every day. We just need to find our niche and luck.

5.1. Is it okay to download from BitTorrent? Is it legal?

BitTorrent is legal, but what you are downloading is different case. First, it depends on which side of earth are you lived in (assume that earth is sphere and not flat like some crazy think). Second, it depends on your ideology and your government political system. Third, it depends on your purpose. Consequently, it is up to you to decide, you are free to choose.

6. What you need to know before start downloading Torrent?

Like any common ritual before we start browsing the internet, we gotta make sure that everything is up-to date and working properly. Some tips to remember:

  • BitTorrent client is free, downloading Torrent is free since most Torrent are using public tracker.
  • Never deactivated or turn off our firewall (it is automatically activated in windows so I bet you don’t even know how to turn it off).
  • Always keep our antivirus up-to date and running in background.
  • Update our web browser.
  • If possible add ad-blocker plugin to our web browser.
  • Use VPN if we can afford it (don’t ask me, I just can’t).
  • Take any threat seriously, but take your life less seriously.
  • Write down our last letter and pray to God to ensure our safety.

That is all I can think for now.

7. How to download Torrent file?

set up bittorrent utorrent download omrizkiblog
BitTorrent (Above) & UTorrent (Below).

Before you start to browsing torrent’s site, please download one of these Popular Torrent Client, they are 100% free.

BitTorrent: Download 2MB

UTorrent: Download 2MB

What makes them different? Well, BitTorrent (the original one) comes earlier and has Blue theme, meanwhile UTorrent (alternative) comes later and has Green theme. Choose one you really like and don’t worry, both are 100% free and having very similar interface, very similar.

To see step by step of installation and how to download Torrent, continue to scroll below.

8. Common terms used in BitTorrent you need to remember on the first place

These are the things that we need to pay attention for before we decide to jump and download files from Torrent repository.

  • Torrent Files

Torrent files are normally named with the extension .torrent. A torrent file does not contain the content to be distributed; it only contains information about those files, such as their names, sizes, folder structure, and cryptographic hash values for verifying file integrity. Depending on context, a torrent may be the torrent file or the referenced content. Always download torrent files from credible source or website.

Moreover, torrent files always have description that shows the date it is uploaded, the uploader, file sizes, peers, seeders and leechers and so on. We need to pay attention to file size, peers, seeders and leechers.

  • Peers

A peer can be anyone who does not have entire file and is downloading as well as uploading file.

  • Seeds or Seeders

Number of users who have already downloaded the files and are currently uploading them. They have complete copy of the files. Usually, the more the seeders, higher the download speed and the oppositen. Nevertheless, our internet connection speed is what matter after all.

  • Leechers

A leecher is someone who has downloaded or is downloading the file but is not uploading the file. In short, you download and run. Torrent clients have option to limit upload speeds so many users decrease their upload speed in comparison to downloading speed thus degrading the overall availability of file. More leechers than seeders are an unhealthy torrent and could slow our download speed down. So, look out for maximum seeders.

  • Trackers

A tracker is a server that keeps tracks of which seeds and peers are currently in swarm (uploading or downloading the files). Tracker helps in routing data from peers, initiating downloads and maintaining statics for system. Trackers routes “data” or to be specific “packets” to downloader. Most available torrent’s tracker are public tracker.

9. Step by Step Process of Installing BitTorrent or UTorrent Client for Windows 7, 8 and 10

BitTorrent client support all version of windows, either 32 or 64 Bit. BitTorrent client does not have special requirements. The process of installation in this article is done in windows 10 64 Bit. Also, since BitTorrent and uTorrent have similar interface, step 1 to step 4 are going to be similar. Let’s give a shot!

set up new bittorrent utorrent step1 omrizkiblog
Step 1. Beginning of Installation.

1. After we have finished downloading BitTorrent or UTorrent application, double click on BitTorrent.exe or UTorrent.exe.

2. The Dialogue box in step 1 will appear and please click Next.

set up new bittorent utorrent step2 omrizkiblog
Step 2. Warning from BitTorrent. User please be aware of scam. BitTorrent is free.

3. Click Next.

set up new bittorent utorrent step3 omrizkiblog
Step 3. License Agreement dialogue box.

4. Click I Agree or read Privacy Policy first if you curious what’s it all about.

set up new bittorent utorrent step4 omrizkiblog
Step 4.

5. Click Next.

set up new bittorrent utorrent step5 omrizkiblog
Step 5. Different Set Up Dialogue.

6. In step 5, slightly different BitTorrent (Right) and UTorrent (Left) setting dialogue will appear.

7. Uncheck only second checklist options if we don’t want your BitTorrent to run at start up and Leave the rest at default setting.

8. Click Finish.

set up new bittorent utorrent step6 omrizkiblog
Step 6. BitTorrent and uTorrent Main Interface.

9. We have finished BitTorrent installation and we will see the default interface. At this moment, we are almost ready to download our first torrent. Please proceed to step 7.

set up new bittorrent utorrent step7 omrizkiblog
Step 7. Setting Up Files Directories.

10. To save our butt from pain in the future, go to preferences “gear” icon on the right up corner, in this step we will set our default download destination.

11. Choose Directories.

12. Then check all options (1) from first to fourth. I suggest you to put all your torrent files in one folder. In this example, I put all my files in one folders (2).

13. Click Apply (3) then Click OK (4).

14. Congratulations! Now you are ready to download your first torrent. Please proceed to another step below.

10. How to Download Torrent by using BitTorrent or UTorrent

I assume that you already finished your BitTorrent client installation successfully. In this example, I am going to download a Rogue One from yifymovie by using BitTorrent. If you decide to use UTorrent, the steps is no different. Please proceed further.

set up new bittorrent utorrent step8 omrizkiblog
Step 8. Download From Torrent Website.

1. Go to torrent repository website like this yifymovie.

2. Choose file we want to download.

3. Most Torrent files have descriptions (1) like in the picture, pay our attention to file size, seeders and peers.

4. If we choose “Download Torrent” (2), then the dialogue box (4) will appear and we need to click OK.

5. If we choose “Download Magnet” (3), it will bring us directly to step 9 below.

set up new bittorrent utorrent step9 omrizkiblog
Step 9. Download Dialogue.

6. The dialogue box will appear, here we can change where we want to store our files (1).

7. Number (2) options “Select All” will let us to select all files, “Select None” to choose no files.

8. (3) check mark to choose only files we want to download. In this example, I choose only the main files.

9. Click OK once we finish here. It will bring us back to the main interface.

set up new bittorrent utorrent step10 omrizkiblog
Step 10. Finished Download.

10. Our file will be downloaded automatically. The download process will take a while and how long or short it takes is depending on our internet connection and number of seeders. Have a cup of tea and some biscuits while waiting your download to be completed, or browsing another torrent.

11. Once we have completed our download, the file’s status will change from light blue to green like in the image. At this moment, we can choose either to continue uploading file to contribute to the swarm, or finish our download by click stop and end the day, there’s no shame on it.

12. Now you have mastered BitTorrent, congratulations and enjoy the internet like never before.

11. Where can I download Torrent without need to worry that my PC will get malware?

Generally, there are two categories of website. First is indexer and search engine. The second is merely search engine for torrent file. There are many sites who provide the torrent repositories, even though they are good, there are better sites. I like fast and less nonsense website, also with great content and less adds and pop up.

Moreover, wandering around Torrent’s website is like shopping, most popular stuff are shown first on the upper rack. As a result, we just need to choose what we found interesting, download it, get the job’s done and everybody’s happy!

Now, why don’t you have a look at some sites below. These sites are chosen  because, they are not only good and informative, but also because they are not blocked by ISP, so you do not need proxy to open them.

1. Movie Collector: yifymovie

yifymovie re torrent movie top bittorent torrent website omrizkiblog

yifymovie is a great starting place to download 720p or 1080p movie. It has thousands of movie collections and the website is well designed which means you can navigate through easily. For me personally, yifymovie have the best movie quality with smallest file size. Then, they usually have plenty of seeders and peers, especially when there are new major release with popular titles (Hollywood).

The only cons of yifymovie is that they don’t have smaller resolution below 720p , so you stuck with 720p contents. Also, older title normally only have tiny amount of seeders and peers. Still, if you look for newest title with compromised image quality, come here and you won’t regret it. yifymovie has always updated their content regularly.


2. Almost Anything: Piratebay

piratebay to index torrent top bittorent torrent website omrizkiblog

Uuuuhhh… Piratebay. Who does not know the infamous and notorious piratebay. The site had been taken down by terrorist several times, yet they are resurrected and sailed back to the torrent realm, challenging whoever against freedom of speech. Additionaly, Piratebay is like legendary black pearl, which always able to survive the storm and nasty wave. That is pretty much explain their pirate ship logo’s.

No wonder if people are going back here looking for its miracle or treasure. Video, audio, software, application, games, e-book from old times to this era are available in piratebay. Also, it is one of the oldest torrent indexer and search engine out there.

Piratebay’s lay out have not change for years, classic as it is. It is need some expertise when looking for something. Otherwise, piratebay still stand as the most popular torrent site. Try to have respect the next time you visit piratebay, as you may find one of its pearl, if lucky enough.

3. Torrent Search Engine:

1337x is one alternative site to piratebay. Some might find that piratebay  is outdated, in terms of make up and style. Consequently, 1337x offers fresh and atractive look compare to the Piratebay. 

Moreover, 1337x interface makes it easy to navigate. 1337x site is free of ads and pop up and informative enough. Plus, it has excellent torrent index and the database is updated regularly. 

4. Torrent index:

Another alternative to piratebay and 1337x. Torrentdownloads is pretty much simple and nice sites. It does its job showing indexed top torrent on the home page. It is also clean from ads and pop up.

In addition, Torrentdownloads interface does not hurt your eyes and well placed. So navigating around this site looking for torrent is convenience.

#This post will be updated regularly.

If you need to know something, just reach me on twitter or Instagram or leave your comments below. As always share this article to your friends!

Thank you and have a good surfing 😃

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