3 Short Documentary Films to Watch in Your Spare Time

Written by omrizkiblog

The best thing about internet is that it gives people freedom to create and share their creation with the whole world instantly, something which TV and radio are limited off and left far behind. It is always great to have access to such advance technology and to the sea of information.

And, if you like spend some time watching documentary film or video, YouTube is the best place to start with. Well, I had watched tons of videos, from any kind of topics, gaming, sport, travel and report. However, I myself like report most because it is best suit my interest and explained the world and the reality we lived today. You know, basically what happened around the world such as crisis, war, conflict and many other events.

Speaking of documentary, we will find out that we often see strong images of hope and humanity raise from struggle and conflict. Because it is, most BAFTA winner were coming from stories about struggle and humanity.

So, without further ado, here are three best short documentary films (although had not won BAFTA) which in my opinion had successfully telling stories from different side of world and in perspectives we rarely see. Enjoy watching. 

1. Curse of the Sands

Source: YouTube – Al Jazeera World
Language: English
Rating: 13+
Mature content: No
Duration: 44 Minutes

short documentary film egypt omrizkiblog
Screenshot of Curse of the Sands

What it is about: Curse of the sands is story about people who lived in are full of land mines in Egypt. People of El Alamein struggle and must bear dire consequences of million unexploded world war two mines which is laying around on their lands. In addition to their poor conditions and to inaccessible health care system, adults and children had been victims, many lost their legs and severely injured by mines. Children’s hopes were bleak due to their condition. However, light has come to their village.

What we could learn: From this movie, we could learn patience, persistence and acceptance. Although life is hard, we must never give up and perhaps what happened is happened for best and who knows how one will end up, because hope is the right thing.

2. Cry of a River, The Trouble with India’s Toilets and Drinking water

Source: YouTube – RT Documentary
Language: English
Rating: 17+
Mature content: No
Duration: 25 Minutes

short documentary film india omrizkiblog
Screenshot of Cry of a River

What it is about: Cry of a river is telling story about sanitation problem in India, concerning condition of Ganga river (holiest river in India), unsafe and unhealthy water sources due to excessive amount of pollution from the factory and industry far and nearby, and how diseases started to cost the lives and condition of Indian, whom despite having major water sources but most are heavily polluted.

What we could learn: The story shows us to respect and take care of our nature, soil, water, air, because the one who will be greatly affected is the people, mostly ordinary and poor people amongst us. It also shows how expensive the consequence of man-made disaster is.

3. Farah, Scarred by Gaza’s War

Source: YouTube – Al Jazeera World
Language: English
Rating: 17+
Mature content: No
Duration: 47 Minutes

short documentary film farah gaza omrizkiblog
Screenshot of Farah, Scarred by Gaza’s War

What it is about: This is story about little girl from Gaza strip named Farah who was having severe skin burned injuries due to phosphor bomb from Israel attack back to 2009 invasion. Farah must get through several surgeries and therapies in the US, which during her stay there, she was accompanied and nurtured by two different families. Among them is Amal, a Christian nurse from Lebanon who had lived in US for some time. Because of intense interaction and devoted care from Amal to Farah, Amal then developed love for Farah, like the love of mother to her daughter. After her agendas were done, Farah must go back to her original family in Gaza, it was hard for Amal to let Farah go, and it was harder for Amal to visit Farah and seeing her had changed and grew up so much as a little girl after she left her gone.

What we could learn: The story is the best example of love sincerity and tolerance. How one Christian family nurtured a Muslim girl with the sincere love of parents and family 🌷.

I guess, it is the way it is, and it is meant to tell us that there is always a good side from everything that happened, good days will come after difficulties, although we would first usually see it as calamity.

Finally my friends, the world and its people had experience enough calamity, crisis, war, and conflict. We can either blame people for what happened, or we can focus to learn and take efforts to make a difference to the world.

Listen to the world, it needs our help.

Thank you for reading and as always, have a great day 😀


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