A Wise, Heart-full Judge and His Teacher 

A Wise, Heart-full Judge and His Teacher 

A judge in Jordan stunned the audience when he left his seat, headed straight to the defendant, bowed down and kissed his hand.

The teacher himself was shocked by the act before the judge himself revealed to him that he was his teacher when the judge was a pupil in the primary school.

The teacher was referred to court on charges filed by a Jordanian father that he hit his son in class last week.

When the judge recognised the defendant, he headed towards, kissed his hand and said to him: “This is my sentence on you, my teacher”.

Illustration of a judge kiss his defendant’s hands, his teacher.



This event has taught us an incredibly moral lesson, especially for us, parents of a pupil. Never underestimate a teacher. 

Because why? Because, one good teacher could create thousand good people, and one honest teacher could create thousand honest people. A student must have sincere respect towards his or her teacher to receive his or her teacher’s blessing.

In the story, the judge who was once a student, knows well that what his teacher had done is not an act of violence. Instead, an act of kindness from a teacher to his pupil, in order to teach his pupils morale and responsibility to make them become more discipline. This kind of act is what shaped him to be a judge like he is today.

When we have bad attitudes or disobey our teacher’s, they will give us a punishment. Either small punishment like writing letters or a bit harder, like standing outside the class. This is merely to make us realize what we have done wrong, so we feel shame for it and it reminds us to shall not stumble upon the same mistakes again.

In the past, when we tell our parents about our such bad attitudes at school (or we didn’t at all because we are shame with our act and might get more punishment from our parents), our teacher usually ask our parents to come and then explain to them helping us to correct our attitude.

Almost every parents will agree with our teacher and they take our teacher’s act as the right decision to do, and also because they simply trust them and understand that it is part of learning process which every student would get through.

This action resulted in, as a student we now understand the norm, become aware of our attitude, and makes us value and respect our teacher and parents and older people better.

However, the value of this act has been slowly degraded, as more and more parents today does not carry and understand  well the value and purpose of education as our parents do in the past.

It is considered crime, if one teacher punish his or her pupil and his or her parents don’t like what the teacher has done to their child.

What is more crazy is that, the parents’ today usually bring things way too seriously, thus forgetting, the essence of punishment itself, to teach the kids to be discipline. It also makes them blind to their child’s mistake that needs correction.

It will not do any good to the children progress and it will  only bring many bad things to the aspect of teaching itself.

That teaching is become just an ordinary act of transferring knowledge, not the process to build character and moral of the learners themselves.

Hopefully, this short story about kindness can be a starter for us, the parents, to build better relationship with other parents in school, the teachers.

The faithful relationship that based on value and purpose to educate children, not just merely based on interests and transactions.

Thank you for reading this article, we would like to know your thoughts, feel free to share with us, and remember to share this article to your friends 🙂

Have a great day mate 😀

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