Islamic E-books Collection, Free Download! (Update 4.5) 

Rasul  Sallallahu  Alaihi  Wa  Sallam  said:  “To earn knowledge  on  Deen  Islam  is  Fard (obligatory)  for  all Muslim.” (Ibn  Majah, Baihaqi).

Alhamdulillah, muslim is gifted with so many great thinkers and scholars in the past and up until this present time.

Great scholars in the past like Imam Al Ghazzali, Ibnu Kathir, Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Shafeyee, Imam Hanafi, Imam Ahmad,  Ibnu Qayyim, Ibnu Tammiyah, Ibnu Tirmidzee and great modern scholars like Said Nursi, Dr. Muhammad Fazl Ur Rahman Ansari, Sheikh Imran Hosein and many modern scholars we still need to find out (may Allah blessed them all). Each have had great contributions to the development of Islamic science and knowledge. And because of their contributions, the torch of Islamic knowledge will never cease to light up the world from darkness.

So, what we muslim have to do now is to learn from what our teachers had left for their students or ummah (people). Not only in order to increase our knowledge, but also to understand what our religion is meant to be, and what is muslim meant to be.

The path to acquire knowledge have been opened by our teachers. The tools to ease learning have been forged. Thus, it has become an important and crucial duty to every muslim to seek out knowledge that will bring us closer to our Creator, benefit us in the hereafter and knowledge that will help us in the long run living in this world.

As Imam Al Ghazzali once reminds his students; “Our time is short, but there are many things we need to learn“. Consequently, this should remind us that we do not have much time to learn!  as we might no longer able to see the sun rising tomorrow. So, learn the most important subject first.

In this article, we have picked up several books of different scholars and muslim thinkers from different times. They are all free to download and can be read easily. So we thank Allah SWT for His mercy and blessings for bringing the beneficent knowledge to us.

Hopefully, it could facilitates our muslim brothers and sisters to spend more time reading books instead of wasting time checking girl’s pictures other people’s status in social media.

Last, we hereby want you to support the writers by buying their books or donate some to them if you have spare cash. And if you do not, please support them by visit the website who host the download and checking out their articles. Thank you and enjoy reading.

1. Sheikh Imran Hosein’s books from (English PDF & Scan) 

Sheikh Imran Hosein is an Islamic scholar, author and philosopher specializing in Islamic eschatology, world politics, economics, and modern socio-economic or political issues.[source]

Some Sheikh Imran’s important books:

  • And Introduction to Methodology for Study of the Qur’an. Download 5MB. 
  • An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern World. Download 2MB. 
  • Jerusalem in The Qur’an. Download 1MB. 
  • The Prohibition of Riba in the Qur’an & Sunnah. Download 12MB. 
  • The Strategic Significance of Fast of Ramadhan & Isra and Miraj. Download 500KB. 
  • Surah Al-Kahf and The Modern Age. Download 1.5MB. 
  • Dajjal, The Quran and Awwal Al Zaman. Download 1MB. New!

*The rest of Sheikh Imran’s books can be downloaded here.

*Please support Sheikh Imran by visit his YouTube channel or buy his books online.

2. Said Nursi Bediüzzaman’s Risale i Nur (English PDF) 

The Risale-i Nur collection is a six-thousand-page commentary on the Quran written by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi in accordance with the mentality of the age. Since in our age faith and Islam have been the objects of the attacks launched in the name of so called science and logic, Bediuzaman Said Nursi therefore concentrated in the Risale-i Nur on proving the truths of faith in conformity with modern science through rational proofs and evidence, and by decribing the miraculous aspects of the Quran that relate primarily to our century. This collection now has millions of readers both in and outside of Turkey. Although its author faced unbearable persecution, imprisonment, and exile, while no effort was spared to put an end to his service to faith, he was able to complete his writings compromising the Risale-i Nur and raise a vast group of believers who courageously opposed the oppression and preserved the dominance of Islam in the country.[source]

Books included in the link:

  • The Flashes. 
  • The Words. 
  • The Letters. 
  • The Ray. 
  • Download Zip 16MB (Contains 4 PDF).


3. Imam Al Ghazzali’s Books Collection (English PDF & Scan) 

Al-Ghazālī occupies a position unique in the history of Muslim religious and philosophical thought by whatever standard we may judge him: breadth of learning, originality, or influence. He has been acclaimed as the Proof of Islam (hujjat al-Islam), the Ornament of Faith (zain al-din) and the Renewer of Religion (mujaddid).[source]

  • Iḥyāʾ ʿulūm al-dīn (Revival of the Religious Sciences)Download Zip 38MB (Contains 4 PDF).
  • Golden Principles of Raising Children. Download 50KB.
  • My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter. Download 150KB.


4. Various books of Islamic knowledge from (English PDF & Scan) 

In this link you will find:

  • Atlas of the Quran by Dr. Shawqi Abu Khalil. Download 13MB. 
  • Adab al-Mufrad by Imam Bukhari. Download 1MB.
  • Al Fawaid – a Collection of Wise Sayings by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya. Download 13MB. 
  • Dua Weapon of the Believer by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi. Download 13MB. 
  • The Jinn and Human Sickness by Dr. Abdul-Mundhir Khaleel ibn Ibraheem Ameen. Download 14MB.
  • Maidens of Paradise (Jannah) by Maulana Abdullah Nana. Download 4MB.
  • Riyad-us-Saliheen by Imam An Nawawi. Download 5.5MB.
  • The Book of the End by Ibn Kathir. Download 40MB.
  • The Sealed Nectar (Biography of the Noble Prophet SAW) by Safiur Rahman al-Mubarakpuri. Download 7MB.
  • Healing With the Medicine of the Prophet by Ibnu Qayyim Al Jawziyah. Download 18MB.
  • The Journey to Allah by Ibn Rajab al Hanbali. Download 5MB.

*The rest of the books can be downloaded here.

5. Dr. Muhammad Fazl Ur Rahman Ansari’s Qur’anic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society (English PDF)

The Quranic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society (in two volumes) was written by the distinguished Islamic scholar and Sufi Shaikh, Maulana Dr. Muhammad Fadlur Rahman Ansari (1914-1974), and was first published in Pakistan in 1973 just a few months before his death in 1974. It is not only a masterpiece of modern Islamic scholarship, but it also courageously identifies serious deficiencies in contemporary Islamic scholarship as one of the major causes of the decline of the Muslim world.[source]

  •  Download Single file PDF 4MB.
  •  Download Zip file 4.5MB (contains 5 PDF). 


6. Young Muslim, what they should know about Islam. Download PDF 4.5MB.

7. Ibn Seerin’s dictionary of dreams according to Islamic inner traditions. Download 29 MB. New!

Again, we praise Allah SWT, and we thank Him for his mercy and blessings, and for bringing to us the good knowledge.

As always, let’s we make the most of our times to learn the knowledge of our religion which will benefit us in the hereafter. And let’s not be fooled by endless and meaningless worldly matters. 

Thank you for coming and remember to share this knowledge with your friends. They would love it.  🌷

Also, you can help us to improve by sharing your thoughts or opinions or further suggestions of topics on the comments section below. We would love to hear good things from you.

Have a nice day 😀 and come back again 👋

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