A letter From My Heart To A Beloved Sister In Palestine 🌷

I wrote this letter before Zionist Israel arrested Ahed Tamimi, thus I also dedicated this letter to her. #freeAhed #freepalestine

Assalaamu Alaykum 🌷

Laa Ilaa Ha Ilaallah, Allahu Akbar!

There is No God but Allah, Allah is The Greatest!

Dear sister,

Alhamdulillah, I am delighted to hear something from you again sister. I am glad that you and your family are still endured and hold onto your faith, despite great Test & Trial, you and the people of Palestine must experience in daily life, under the Zionist Israel’s occupation. 

I put the words “suffering and calamity” before decided to replace it, because I think it is not the right words to picture what is happening there. I see that you never lost hope even for a second, and the Test & Trial which you face made you stronger and fiercer in the fight! That’s why your enemy scared of you and always fight from behind Tanks and Jets and Missiles. Oh yes, they fear you!

And, I sense that victory is on our way, your way, Insya Allah. It is only a matter of time, until you, and we together defeat Zionist Israel! of course with Allah’s Help and Mercy, Insya Allah.

Also, it is sad that, but I must say this, we, your brothers and sisters here in Indonesia cannot do much to help stop what Israel is doing. So, along with this message I personally and on behalf of my brother and sister, (hopefully they don’t mind if I said this) feel the urgency to apologize for our Incapacity and Weakness, that we barely do something to stop the Terrorist IDF’s Violence and Injustice and more importantly, the Zionist Israel’s oppression in The Holy Land. So please forgive us.

Last, I myself hope that, the Palestine people, everyone, either Muslim, Christian or Jew, whomever have shown matchless courage and great sacrifice in fighting against Terrorist IDF, and Zionist Israel, the worst oppressor, who had put great mockery on Muslim’s face, will be the one who inspired Muslims around the world to finally unite and take real steps in liberating The Holy Land. Perhaps, the time is not near, but God always with you, and with us in this fight. The Truth and Justice will triumph, Insya Allah.

Finally, I pray for you and for Muslim around the world, and Them-Who-Have-Faith-In-One-God, may Allah’s Mercy and Blessings be upon us all. May Allah gives us strength! to be able to hold on truth and justice, Insya Allah.

I would love to visit & pray in peaceful and wonderful Baitul Maqdis in a blessed day, Insya Allah. I look forward to that day.

P.S. To quote you “WE WILL NEVER GO DOWN!” And I want you to know that we will always stand with you and you always have our supports from here. Thanks. 

With love 🌷,

RR 😁

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