The Last Supper Before The Big War, UPDATE!


Last Update: 4 April 2019

Among top figures at the picture, who will go first before the great war begin? we will see, and I will update this page. Here is the pool, in case you wonder who they are:

From left to right:

Mohammed Bin Salman (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia)

Pyotr Poroshenko GONE 1st, replaced by another jew-clown Vladimir Zelensky

Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany)

Emmanuel Macron (President of the French Republic)

Donald Trump (President of USA)

Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israhell) Re-Elected 2019.

*Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) Re-Elected 2019.

In the middle: Vladimir Putin (President of Russian Federation)

From right to left:

Imran Khan (Prime Minister of Pakistan)

Kim Jong Un (Supreme Leader of North Korea)

Xi Jinping (President of the People’s Republic of China)

Bashar Al Assad (President of Syrian Arab Republic)

Hasan Rouhani (President of Iran)

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (President of Turkey)

*Moon Jae In (President of South Korea)

Notes: *Honorable mention



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