Libya’s Grand Mufti Call On Muslims to Boycott Hajj and Umrah

The money pilgrims pay to Saudi rulers through hajj perpetuates the Saudis’ “killings of Muslim brothers and sisters,” asserted the mufti.

Rabat – The grand mufti of Libya, Sadiq Al-Ghariani, has called on Muslims planning to perform a second hajj or umrah pilgrimage to Mecca to abstain, in a broadcast on the Libyan television channel Ean Libya.

Those performing the hajj annual pilgrimage or the umrah, a lesser pilgrimage performed at any time of the year, for a second time “will commit an act of sin rather than a good deed.”

The reason for the fatwa (Islamic legal opinions), the mufti says, is that the money pilgrims must pay to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage “help Saudi Arabian rulers to carry out crimes against our fellow Muslims.”

The money, he added, will contribute to the massacre of Muslims in Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, and Algeria.

“Nowhere in the world,” said the mufti in a video, “hasn’t been thrown into havoc by Saudi Arabia.”

The grand mufti said he assumed full responsibility before God for issuing the fatwa.


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