Russia has a big surprise for NATO warmongers in Europe and Syria

Posted in the following is our translation of an article from with commentary and notes in [brackets] by Vince Dhimos

The author of our translated article references the Kalibr missiles that first leapt out of Russian ships in the Caspian Sea and traveled 1500 kilometres to pinpoint terrorist targets in northern Syria. This incredibly long distance surprised and incensed those peace-loving people in the Pentagon who care deeply for their sweet “moderate” terrorists who never slit throats – except when they’re mad. Author Grigorev compares this surprise for the Americans to the surprise that awaits NATO when Russia first switches on its electronic warfare (EW) system in one of three locations to disrupt the controls of NATO ships and planes in Europe. The US Special Forces operating in Syria got a taste of this disruption when their AC-130 gunships were jammed and rendered useless, which Gen. Raymond Thomas whined about in April 2018. The US is in Syria without an invitation, while Russia is there at the request of the Syrian people, whose economy is being wrecked by US sanctions and whose infrastructure was wrecked by US-backed and Saudi-backed jihadis, and the US is whining like a baby!

The author also takes a much deserved whack at US ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, who was hired to be a diplomat but clearly knows nothing about the subject. Defense News reports on the incursion of 2 US aircraft carriers (sometimes referred to as “floating coffins”) into the Mediterranean to scare Putin:

“Each of the carriers operating in the Mediterranean at this time represent 100,000 tons of international diplomacy,” Huntsman said aboard the Lincoln, according to a Navy news release. “Diplomatic communication and dialogue, coupled with the strong defences these ships provide, demonstrate to Russia that if it truly seeks better relations with the United States, it must cease its destabilizing activities around the world.”

Now, honestly, Jonny, you accuse Russia of destabilizing? Was it the Russians who financed and armed jihadists in Syria? Think really hard now. Did you forget that journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva dug up proof that the CIA was sending arms to Syrian terrorists, as reported here? Think that might fall under the category of “destabilizing”? The only thing Putin destabilized was US plans to destabilize Syria. And did you really think you could scare Putin with this silly statement? I mean, did you think he would, upon learning of these floating coffins in the Med, just suddenly drop to his knees and beg the US for forgiveness for fighting terror in Syria – something the US promised to do but didn’t? Jon, pay close attention now: One hypersonic Russian missile each could knock out these carriers within minutes (the Zirkon flies 1000 km every 5 sec). Does the US really want to endanger the lives of its sailors and pilots to get revenge on Putin for something he didn’t do?

Russian analyst stated (my translation): “A massive launch of Zirkon missiles could destroy not only individual enemy ships but whole carrier strike groups.”


Ostashko: Russia has a “surprise” for NATO more mind boggling than the Kalibr in Kaliningrad, Crimea and Syria

30 Апреля 2019

The latest Russian EW equipment will be for NATO a more mind boggling surprise than the “Kalibr” from the Caspian Sea. This was stated by political scientist and journalist Ruslan Ostashko.

According to the expert, while US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman intimidated Russia with “hundreds of tons of diplomacy” in the form of American aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean, the Russians “silently went to work” deploying the electronic warfare system (EW) Murmansk-BN in Kaliningrad. This system, which has no analogues in the world, is capable of jamming control and radio communication complexes and systems of airplanes, ships, drones and military headquarters within a radius of 8 thousand km.

Considering that the distance between the two extreme points of Europe in the north and the south is 5 thousand km, Russia, operating in Kaliningrad is capable of numbing NATO throughout the Old World, plus a significant part of the adjacent waters. Ostashko is convinced that in the near future such EW systems will appear in Crimea and even in Syrian Tartus, which Moscow leased for the Navy for 49 years. This will expand Russia’s capabilities for NATO’s radio suppression to a critical level for the alliance.

US Navy Carrier Strike Group as seen in Persian Gulf by France24

 “So what’s up with 100 thousand tons of diplomacy, Mr. Huntsman? What will they cost if the launched missiles fly the wrong way, and the planes suddenly go haywire? I recall that in 2017 only 23 of the 59 American missiles fired at Syria flew. I wonder what tricks the Murmansk-BN system is capable of. Let these opportunities be a surprise for the wretched “partners”, as was the case with the range of Kalibr missiles after they were launched from the Caspian Sea on terrorists in Syria, “Ostashko said on the air of YouTube channel PolitRossia.

It should be noted that the system “Murmansk-BN” in Kaliningrad, according to the General Staff of the Russian Navy, will serve the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation. The complex was successfully tested under conditions as close as possible to combat, back in 2018. The principle of operation of Murmansk-BN is based on continuous automatic collection of data on signal sources within the range: at the same time, the system determines the interference power sufficient to suppress each target.

Author: Grigory Egorov



Image: RT, Southfront

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