A Muslim Spring 

This article is originally written in The Saker website. Click here to read from original source. Thank you and Enjoy reading. A Prologue to Star Wars  First and foremost, I hate to tell you this but War in gulf of Arab is inevitable since it is what Zionist state of Israel have been pursued for years. To … Continue reading A Muslim Spring 

Obama’s Achievement: Whitewashing Permanent Warfare With Eloquence (with commentary)

Hi mate, great day isn't it? Although I do not usually take something for granted especially from the internet, but I found some kind of interest in finding information against mainstream media, something about fake news. I guess I am not alone in that bandwagon so I would like to share it with you. I am not trying to … Continue reading Obama’s Achievement: Whitewashing Permanent Warfare With Eloquence (with commentary)

My Wishes For 2017

Good freakin’ morning! Does not matter where you are right now, I love you mate, I love you people. Nice seasons, nice girls and it has been great last holiday of 2016, what’s not to remember huh? 2016 is already past and less than 24 hours we will be are in the future. 2017 is … Continue reading My Wishes For 2017