Checklist for Spiritual Development 

By Sh. Mirza Yawar Baig  from  I wrote in my book, Islam for Beginners: ”It has been said that true bankruptcy is a full belly and an empty soul. Religion must be a matter of conscious choice.” So here’s a checklist to show us the state of our soul. 1. How much time do you … Continue reading Checklist for Spiritual Development 


Ten Useless Matters

All praise and thanks are due to Allah.  "Say: are they equal, those who poses knowledge and those who do not?" Al-Zumar (39:9). Life is meant to be spent to learn about beneficial knowledge (for example: Fiqh (jurisprudence), Tafsir Qur’an or Ahadeeth, communication or public speaking skill, medical knowledge and so on) that will help … Continue reading Ten Useless Matters