From Cholera Outbreak in Yemen, Latest Condition of Syria and Iraq, Protest in South America, To the Galaxy Collision and More, Here is 25 Pictures from Around the World

Hello good people, welcome back to my blog 😀 The world we live filled with many amazing and curious things that wait to be explored. Many events occur in the world every second. Many people experience different kind of feelings and situations. From joy and cheers, to sad and tears. From love and humanity actions... Continue Reading →

The Yet Blossom Flowers : Children of Syria in Pictures

Hello brother and sister! Welcome back! It has been six years since peace had left Syria and had been replaced by hypocrisy and atrocity of west and its allies, which then, sent peaceful and beautiful country like Syria (Iraq and Libya too) into chaos in early 2011. Ever since that day, Syrian children and families... Continue Reading →

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