About me

The “I”

🙂 I am no extraordinary human being.

🙂 I am made of flesh and bones just like my brothers and sisters.

🙂 I breathe the very same oxygen.

🙂 I eat cooked meal.

🙂 I drink water.

🙂 I walk under the sky, the sun and the moon.

🙂 I open my eyes to see the beauty of this world.

🙂 I open my heart when there’s pretty girl around.

😀 I admire truth as it keeps our heart on the right direction.

In short…

😀 I love my life, I love this life, I love people.

😀 Freedom for Palestine!

Let’s be friend, feel free to reach me at:
Twitter @omrizkiblog

Instagram @omrizkiblog


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