3 Short Documentary Films to Watch in Your Spare Time

Written by omrizkiblog The best thing about internet is that it gives people freedom to create and share their creation with the whole world instantly, something which TV and radio are limited off and left far behind. It is always great to have access to such advance technology and to the sea of information. And,... Continue Reading →

Checklist for Spiritual Development 

By Sh. Mirza Yawar Baig  from muslimmatters.org  I wrote in my book, Islam for Beginners: ”It has been said that true bankruptcy is a full belly and an empty soul. Religion must be a matter of conscious choice.” So here’s a checklist to show us the state of our soul. 1. How much time do you... Continue Reading →

Tolerant, An Exemplary Ethics of the Prophet (PBUH) 

These are compilation stories which show how prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) responded to some circumstances and taught his followers to have tolerance towards people, even though they are disbelievers, and wrongdoing person. This kind of ethics is one of signs of His Prophethood. Read the rest of article at questionsonislam.com 1. He was a jew but... Continue Reading →

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