9 Images that will wake up your humanity Part 2 (with commentary)


As well as we know that it is important to note, as sane human being, we are not only need to feed our physical being, but also need to feed and recharge our soul, so that we do not become mad, soulless and emotionless creature, like zombies (whatever version of zombies you’d preferred).

Exclusive for you my friends, I have gathered some pictures which I found are too amazing to be missed. I tell you what, most images are about to provoke your senses of empathy and sympathy. So, if you do not get provoked by it first, try to see it again and find your own reason. Hopefully, it could mended those broken faith and made your heart tender and gave value and sense of meaning to our life.

However, if you are still not moving, then you should ask yourself whether there is still humanity left in your soul or not (the so called “poor soul”).

Needless to say, why is it important? Well, I leave that to you to figure it out as I do not want to limit your perspective.

In addition, each image has its own story, but I am not going to spoil it here, you can check the link I have provided to see it by yourself.

Finally, many thanks and credit dedicated to all photographers whom have done spectacular jobs to bring us these amazing images, best of luck to these people. Please support them by sharing their works. Please click the image to take you to the original source. Thanks and enjoy reading.

Title: The Power Of Love
Artist: Javier Sanchez-Monge Escardo

Commentary: You might think that this image is about sincere love of a mother to her child. That is also true by the way, but what we actually see here is love of daughter to her mother. A mother in this image is victim of acid violence. Generally, we are accustomed to the fact that mother as source of love, that mother mesmerising love to her children. However, sometimes we forget that a mother also needs to receive love back from their beloved one. A mother is strong women and with the love of her children she will become even stronger. Bless you mother 😀

Title: The Choice to Defect
Artist: Samer Almadani

Commentary: Intriguing image. You might questioned the validity of the image. Nah, don’t bother. This scene depicts what exactly happening in the war zone, you name it, world war two, Srebrenica and Syria is small examples of massacre which have become common agenda. Don’t believe me? Find it out by yourself, but don’t be surprised when you know the truth and cannot sleep well for the night. Good luck mate.

Title: No title
Artist: Tymon Markowski

Commentary: Just look how adorable these innocents are, look!. Chances are you do not often see something like this everyday. Besides, you do not need to have children first to understand what I mean because what is shown is basic emotional that could easily be understood by sane human being (unless you are the opposite of it).

Title: Family Ties
Artist: Marja Schwartz

Commentary: Ahh… what a peaceful life right? Have a good look, no traffic, no social media BS, no need to pay for electricity and no tax! Some might be thinking the other way, that these people are living in poor condition. Nope, what actually happen is on the contrary, I see them live in peaceful condition and at least they don’t have to face cruel and demanding society as we do everyday. Sometimes, less is better my friend.

Title: Ahwaz overtaken by dust
Artist: Danial Khodaie

Commentary: Wrath of nature. Well, for myself, to see heavy rain with lightning (which usually occurs here) is frightening enough, so dust storm would be a nightmare. Thank God, we are so lucky that we did not have dust storm here. Remember this, luck is priceless my friend. May God strengthen people who live here.

Title: Present and past
Artist: Anisleidy Martínez Fonseca

Commentary: Time is like a contract between God and human. It is reminder that we are finite and will leave this world one day for sure. We cannot go against it, we can only go along with it. Time is one way ticket which means we cannot reverse it. At a moment in life we are in the place we like and in other moments we are in the place we don’t, just enjoy it. As a consequence, since we have limited time, better not messing with it my friend.


Title: Russian sappers and robots demine ancient Palmyra
Artist: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Commentary: “Some 150 Russian sappers with 17 units of special equipment have been working in Syria’s Palmyra since March”. Look how brave and courageous these soldiers are. They are trying to find mines that are planted or left behind by ISIS or Rebels in Palmyra, Syria. Normally, it is a duty of a robot or mine sapper vehicle. Applaud to these heroes.


Title: Life is Syria’s conflict zone
Artist: Pablo Tosco

Commentary: “More than two million people have fled the conflict in Syria, seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Fighting continues to escalate across northern Syria and its western border. Every day thousands of families have no option but to leave their homes in order to save their lives. The UN estimates that almost seven million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance, including four million internally displaced. We aim to help 650,000 people in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria over a 12 month period. These photos by Pablo Tosco show how Syrians are coping with this dramatic situation”.

Pain, death and bleak future, that’s what I feel seeing that image. As a matter of fact, the image is taken back in 2013, yet about four years later war is still raging in Syria. Hopefully, it will end soon, amen. See the rest of images here.


Title: Cassini’s last view of Earth
Artist: NASA

Commentary: This view from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shows planet Earth as a point of light between the icy rings of Saturn. The bright dot on the right is earth and faded dot on the left is earth’s moon. Just look how tiny these dots are compare to dark and endless galaxy. All our problems, hatred, wars, conflicts, are summed up in one tiny dot. Did you realize that how meaningless our existence in this galaxy are? Do we still going to hate and kill each other after this? Or, Can we sit and talk to work on together to solve our problems? Yes.

Thank you for reading, share your thoughts with us and remember to share it to your friends! Have a good day mate and Cheers for humanity 😀

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