2016 US Presidential election Part 1: Deja Vu of 2014 Indonesia’s election and the Clash of Batman vs Joker

Hi mate! How are you there? God bless us all! 

I have slightly different thoughts to share with in this article. Mainly, I just cannot put up or shut up over this thing. Although I might not have capabilities on this matter, but hey I’m just a Kid (who is trying to be humble), not a politician. So please take it with a grain of salt 😉 thanks mate.

In this case, I might lack of advance political view which could spark some laughs and lead to the obscurity of my writing. I realized that I had no political background whatsoever, so the principles I used for this analysis are based on curiosity, sympathy, and a bit of wisdom which I derived from my personal experience. On the other hand, I also acknowledged the inequality to compare USA with Indonesia since each of them are different in many aspects like economy, social, geography, developed versus under development country, and greatness versus humbleness (a bit Chauvinism is alright right?).

Spoiler alert! This article contains fairly ridicule language (some grammatical errors I guess), and it might looks favored one candidate and NO! you will not find any Clinton-Trump’s meme because I do not want to get myself being under NSA radar, and that is all. Thank you. 

When the Old Ruler Must Steps Down

Gotta say that 2016 US Election recalled my memories back to my country’s 2014 Election. Back to the day, I was 20 years old, I was not very political and was not much care about the future of our country. In 2014 I saw great pivotal moment for Indonesian, I had had witnessed massive changes on the leadership style and breakthrough on our country development’s goal (I mean new ways to say political promises).

Long story short, after had been leading the country for 10 years (2 periods), had brought it to another glory and succeeded to break world bank debt’s curse, Mr. Yudhoyono (6th President) cannot do nothing besides let his position was taken by (hopefully) a better man than him. Obviously, on every part of the nation, we people were waiting emotionally, praying and wishing, may the best man win and sail the ship to the promise land (which none of it really matter now).

Two years later, I see the same patterns are happening in USA. People knew that sooner than later President Obama must steps down. The 44th USA President has been (successfully killed Osama Bin Laden) ruling on the White House for two periods (8 years) since 2009. Although he has his own glories and victories worth to write in history, we both know that his time is up and no more chances for him to be re-elected again. Thus, Americans must elect their new captain to continue sailing American’s Mother ship for the next four years.

What Has Changed Since Then?

Just like in USA nowadays, 2014 Indonesia’s Election was the most anticipating event in the country and the world at that time since Indonesia holds key role in Asia. Clearly, the results had shaped the economic and political strategy around the world now with China slowly rising up strengthen their teeth in Asia. Moreover, it was shift from old regime to the new one so no wonder that 2014 Indonesia’s Election was that intense and mentally (insane) demanding process for the people and for one nation until this time (We had never faced such a test before!).

Slightly back to the day, we were like being forced to listen to many political issues, from religion, false flag operation, black campaign and many more issues. They were like almost never stopped being advertised and broadcasted every minute by every major and minor media, online and offline.

Black campaign was absolute choice to simply gain more supports. Also, instead of called people to calm the “f” down, many political figures and media were threw more fuel to already blazing fire and made situations worst as hell. Aw man, they just didn’t give us a break! Hence, I reckon similar strategies and conditions are happening in USA today although the majority of people are aware that those kind of political BS are not new tricks. But at the end of day, it was hard not to get succumbed into it.

I dare to say that I do feel the emotions what Americans feel at a moment like this. I see that it is hard to focus living under quite confusing, misleading and a bit (chaotic) unstable situation prior to the Election. We both wish these hell-ish situations are ended up quickly, so that we could carry on our happy life again. But hey! Do not look down, look up instead because you will see the sun sets in the west.

People of America must know leaders and people across the world hoped the best for them. They hoped them electing the right person so their new President may not drag anyone into their wars again. I myself invoked God and prayed, may the good human being win and help bring peace to the world, amen brother, amen (That is something).

The Fate of Mankind Is On Agenda

When the sun sets at Tuesday, 8 November 2016 it will be another day, another milestone for USA and the rest of the world. US citizens will help decide the fate of the world by crowning their 45th President, a position which have been associated since a long time with (war commander) power and influence. Ultimately, all the eyes are aimed at no other than two people, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. Now, who literally don’t (hate) know about them?

Everything they did and anything they said inside and outside their campaign received massive media coverage and international attention. I could say that the same things were happened to Indonesia during 2014 Presidential election, all eyes around the world (not only all seeing eye) were once focused on Mr. Jokowi and Mr. Prabowo although the international coverage was not as huge as this time.

Speaking of election, as well as we know that US election ended up with two unseemly equal candidates, a Senator versus a Businessman. If you asked me about my impressions of both of them, you know what funny? To be honest with you, the moment I saw Hillary Clinton, I giggled, and the moment I saw Donald Trump, I laughed. Really? What! O wait, I don’t even know them! Yes both are funny, but Mr. DT is funnier. You want to know why? Because they remind me with funny things here, a Deja Vu.

My point is that kind of impression was something you cannot fake because it was subconscious part that took play (yeah everyone knows that there must be something wrong with them). I am so sorry but that was my impression about them, no offense.

Okay enough chit-chat, back to the topic about the next US President. First is Mrs. Clinton, an obviously experienced politician, hold strategic position in senate and first lady of former President Bill Clinton. The second one, Mr. Trump is born businessman, has quite history in US politic and famously (controversial) character. And that’s it, let’s move to fun part, on the Batman vs. Joker business (It is not sexist mate, just no Hollywood movie about Batgirl vs. Joker yet).

So comrade, put aside all controversies and buzzes around them and continue reading this article.

When Batman and Joker clashed, again!

Jokowi and Prabowo
image via kompasiana.com

I came up with Batman and Joker (from The Dark Knight movie) idea when I realized how funny two candidates of 2014 Indonesia’s election are if they were pictured as Batman and Joker. Seriously, it really was fit for the parody. Honestly, I was favoring Mr. Prabowo at that time whom I regard as Batman because he is a great leader, a patriotic and a respectable figure not only in Indonesia but also in Asia and the world. His mission was one, to make Indonesia stands on its own will again. As a result, having all these qualities will make him great Batman figure.

On the contrary, the Joker, his rival at that time whom fortunately the current President, Mr. Jokowi, was rising star in politics and idolized by many people even though his track records could raise many questions. He was claimed a down to earth, a people person and always able to get with the program especially when he was a Mayor of Jakarta. Although many claimed him as opportunist (who is not?) he had successfully won people’s trust. So, what makes him great Joker figure? The answer is simple, he came from nowhere, suddenly appeared and boom! Everything’s changed. Also, besides the fact that he did not hesitate to get his hands on the business and carried out unpopular program (ugh, sounds boring).

Clinton and Trump
image via cnn.com

Well then, Batman and Joker, literally. From North Polar to the South Polar, from cold Iceland to hot Mongolian desert, from NASA headquarters to the Nazi Moon base (yeah I had watched Iron Sky movie), from intergalactic Hubble satellite, to the Nuclear Silo of Mr. Jong Un and from the most civilized people in Sweden to the slaughter pit in Syria. For the sake of mankind, who don’t gazed in awe and raised their eyebrows when they saw two most powerful American heroes clashed for power?

Okay, seriously, I am not sure on what phrase to open this paragraph so first of all, let’s talk about our Batman to begin with, and in this case is madam Hillary Clinton. You might asked, what makes her the Batman? (why on earth did you pick her not M.r Trump!) Well, did I say Batman is patriotic, didn’t I?

Well, Mrs. Clinton is obviously very patriotic person, no doubt about. She had already served her country for more than enough years, been faced many problems and been through hard relationship (let’s not talk about it). However, I perceived Mrs. Clinton as very patriotic because the fact that she has always been there for her country (not mean to disregard Mr. Trump’s record) besides that, she will make a brave leader but has brain too.

Moreover, she seems able to make a hard call and gets supported by most sane generals and people in America, both natives and immigrants. But more importantly, she has dignity (in the eyes of her supporters, not Trump’s). And yes, you do want your hero to be brave but not stupid and have idea on what his or her doing right? Right!

Another thing is, Batman as in TDK is being pictured as having great commitment and objective, “to eliminate all the bad guys who could potentially endanger Gotham city and save the world”. He also appeared knowing all his enemies’ move and did not hesitate to use violence. Clearly, Mrs. Clinton with all her rather rational missions, clear visions and tranquillity has turned her into the real Batman.

Don’t you realize mate? She really wants to protect and save all Americans! Protect Americans! Makes it the protector of the world! Although we both know that means the government under her will going to get their hands on someone else’s business and utilize as many armaments as they can to eliminate all threats before they reach US soil (because if something bad happened to USA it is going to spread to all over the world, just like playboy and iPhone, aw man just joking, I don’t know want to bring 9/11 things). Well, Mr. Prabowo was once our Batman too, been long time did not see daylight and then he came up to get some actions when he smells something bad was about to happen to his beloved country (but now he has gone undercover again).

Finally, regardless the fact that Mrs. Clinton is just several months younger than Mr. DT (and probably sicker too), her tons of experience and back up in politics will surely help her took the upper hand over her rival. Consequently, in case she is not feeling so hot to do her job, her Robin could came up to take her place (whoever the Robin is, doesn’t matter). What’s not to like huh?.

On the dark side of the earth, the challenger, Mr. Trump, in contrast to his rival brings surprisingly spectacular visions and not so well accepted by sane minds yet rather too brave? Hilarious? Eerie campaign? Too good to be true? (Insert your own negativity here) I don’t know, whatever…which based on that assumptions instantly made him the good guy! Joker! Tadaaaa, and yes! Most Trump’s supporters assumed Hillary is the bad guy beside the fact that she is  a woman…Boo yeaa.

Let’s stripped our Joker down even further. There are several funny facts that Mr. Trump and Mr. Jokowi share with. First, they are funny guys (ow yeah that thing’s for real). Second, both of them have background as businessman (great, you do not need to pay for their wages). Third, during their political campaign, either Mr. Trump or Mr. Jokowi have been successfully attracting attentions and supports due to selling anti-mainstream political campaign, controversially unthinkable ambitious programs and astounding exaggerated promisesssssssss (you see it right, that’s a lot of promises dude!).

Honestly, sometimes they were just way too brave and overly optimistic? (remember that in TDK Joker had failed because he was too certain that people were gonna blow up each other, well that’s on the movie just saying) although nothing is wrong with it as long as they hold their promises right? errr…right.

Finally, if you were paying attention, you will see Mr. DT is having eerie Joker-ish charismatic (I’m not sure what’s that mean but it sounds cool), you see it right? Please say yes. Yes, it is obvious that he tried hard to be charismatic and appears as Alpha (Joker was false Alpha) but in fact, sometimes it was worked and other times just did not (I feel sorry for his fans).

Furthermore, you know that Mr. Trump will likely do anything to gain more support from every Native American. He will take every possible way to reach his goals even though it is not popular one (I doubt the Batman won’t do it too). Joker was not so popular among people but he gets the jobs done! Am I correct? Yes. And, in spite of difficulty and trouble he was into, it seems that no one cannot stop Mr. Trump besides his own self (remember, only Joker can stop himself).

In addition, he clearly did need to play nice as Mrs. Clinton but we must appreciate his nerves regardless (yes you need to have tons of nerves to face the great lady Hillary Clinton), Hillary for America. And the last one, isn’t the tagline of Mr. Trump’s campaign is national security and the promise to make America great again is it? Think, whose sane American who does not want to see America great again? End, I have nothing to talk about here.

Good Ending or Bad Ending? 

History is calling. In not so distance future, the world will see who is among Batman the savior or the notorious Joker, whom will clinch victory on the Fiercest US Presidential battle the Galaxy ever seen. On that matters, for the sake of humanity, I hope Americans choose wisely between the next Mrs. President or the next Mr. President whom will get their hands on the Super Power Instrument (red-USA).

In case I have neglected to mention in the past, please see what happened to my country as references because a moment like this may bring very expensive cost to pay in the future (whatever happens thereafter we’ll take too right? Hell NO).

Although Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump have shown commitment to act for the common good, they have totally different perspective of the world (But we’re not hating on it because it interests us). As a result, the only thing concerned whether you perceived them as a good guy vs a bad guy or as a bad guy vs a good guy, whatever it is, it’s your call buddy and I wish you a good luck.

On another side of the earth, in 20 October 2017 Mr. Jokowi had just marked his two years in charge as President. Are we (Indonesia) moving onto right direction? Well the news clearly tell something but I choose to see the reality. A lot of things still need to be fixed and I hoped the good men and women will be able to fix it, amen.


Less than two weeks before the Day. Can Batman seals victory? Or it is Joker who is going to steal the victory? Hell, the clash between Batman and Joker is unavoidable. The world only can hope it will not bring more destruction and cause more sufferings. The world has enough conflicts and wars. The world needs to be filled with love and peace so that everyone could live peacefully. Let me be clear: all we need is good ending for every mankind. Don’t you agree?

For my fellow American and people out there, I suggest you to have a look at this article from Prof. Noam Chomsky, I think he has good points: https://chomsky.info/an-eight-point-brief-for-lev-lesser-evil-voting/

Also, good advice for surviving this madness: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/freedom-grieve/201610/how-love-people-when-you-hate-their-political-choices

Thanks for having your time spared reading this article.  Have a great day mate! 🙂

Have some thoughts mate? Do you have different opinions? Leave your comment below, feel free to express and share your opinions here! see some grammatical errors? Sends us corrections and help us to improve! Thank you and have a great day 😀

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