The Three Men’s Dream

Hi mate  🙂 What a great day to start our journey!

Dream, who don’t dreaming? I dreams so many things. While we working on our dreams, and my dreama especially, I will try documenting important progress and funny things we will have faced on the road there. Hopefully, the update will come regularly, so I will do my best to keep our dreams alive.

I was quite surprised when my friend Subkhan (No he’s not from India) created this Whatsapp group. I mean Great! Only three of us! I though he meant it to be a place to ask and talk about gentlemen’s business, well sort of.

At the first time, I did not know how it was going to work. But finally, after some sort of nonsense talking, a guy I used to call Fireman (Not the guy from Fantastic 4) got his brain working and showed that he had balls to ask us this question “Man, if you have chances to go abroad, which country would you like to visit?” hmm, I thought it was a great question to start meaningful conversations. Bravo dude!

If you have chances to go abroad, which Country would you like to visit?

Dreams are good and dreams are beautiful. When life could be mentally stressful, we seek an escape from those busy world, and be on our own journey in our dream world. The world without noise to disturb us, and the world where there is only our noise called “desire”. The world where hopes find its place to live, and the world where we see a great future.

I have set out today, the changes I want to see in this world. The hopes and desires of three good men from the east. You must know that, to stand up and make that statement of ones’ desire is act of heroism, It is the right goals and It is showed that you have a brave heart and you are willing to face challenges.

We must respect, support and there should be no discrimination for anyone’s dream, as long as it has no purpose to harm anybody. And, it is the right things to do, so I applaud you brothers and I wish you all best of luck. What I write below is the statement of our dreams “three Men from the East” (I use that name because our group’s name sounds similar to one of cigarette’s advertising here).

Mr Fireman’s Dream

Where? Japan and Saudi Arabia.

What for? To Study, Work and Get Married, Go Pilgrimage
When? 11 December 2018

The tall and slender active young man wants to make it to well manners and amazing country, Japan, mainly to study. Next, He wants to visit Saudi Arabia to do sacred Hajj Pilgrimage. That is great thing to do. And He told me once, getting married with Japanese woman is priority. Have a great experience mate!

Mr Subkhan’s Dream

Where? Australia
What for? To Study, Work and Make New Friends
When? 1 January 2019

This good and nice Guy wants to fly to Australia. He is having main intentions to study and work in Australia, then make some friends and get to know with local and indigenous people. He probably going to find sightseeing Australia landmarks and exploring Its wildlife such as kangaroo and tazmanian devil as “can’t missed activity” when He’s up there. Enjoy your life there buddy.

Omrizkiblog’s Dream

Where? Turkey and the rest of the world
What for? Work, traveling, meet people, learn culture, see the world
When? Around 2025

Obviously a nice kid and quite a joker, I am the last one whom will depart. Me myself dreamed to riding my motorcycle around the world with Saudi Arabia as my main goal (make AsiaEuropeMiddle East and Africa on the way). I’m going to be the messenger, spread the message of Peace and Love, appreciating nature and telling people around the world stories on how beautiful people are and how incredible the world we lived in. And no, I am convinced myself to not looking for a woman, I am looking for myself instead, I wanna be the Man! (I’m looking for her while I’m growing up as a Man).

Sounds silly to most people? Sure, sounds impossible? Big NO!

Aw, lookz like y’all guyz were drunk, wheya de hell ya got ol deez nonsenz?

FYI, there will be those who tell us “no, not that easy, impossible” here and elsewhere around Us that we are embarked on “mission impossible”. I tell you, I will fight for it with all my heart and my soul. I do not deny that seeking what work for Us is a big task. But impossible? I do not believe so. I see it doable otherwise We would not be set it out. I know It is going to take a lot of hard work to get there so let’s done everything possible to try and make things happen.

As the hope rises, coming with this article, it comes as a reminder to myself. For you two my friends especially, and for the three of us, for the sake of our lives, have balls mate! Have balls and have faith in ourselves! We only live once! And, regardless what people think about us, it does not matter! So work with me and let’s f-ing do it!

As the Sun downs today and rises on the next day, We are getting closer to our dreams

There is saying “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step”. I do realize that the price for our dreams is not cheap, but remember that We have more than enough time to learn and prepare for everything.

We will find our way and oportunity will come in time, make no doubt of it. Last, reading about people who had achieved things in their life is great, but It is going to be far greater if we can do it by our own hands, not being those people, but being ourselves. You might disagree with me but, I love you mate, and thank you for inspiring me. 

So mate, If you have chances to go abroad, which country would you like to visit? don’t be shy to share with us here! feel free to post your thoughts or opinions, we’ll be glad to hear it from you.

Thanks for reading this article.

by omrizkiblog

2 thoughts on “The Three Men’s Dream

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  1. I have a dream since i was a kid, i really want to going to Mexico and Korea ! Yeah. I guess those country are romantic and beautiful. I would really like to get honeymoon at there 😆 do u think it will be comes true ? Thats so funny .. but someday i will make an imposibelity to be posibility for sure !

    Ps : I like to read your article with your own style.. keep it up vroh !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. #Yeay, You’re the 1st person who post on our blog.

      Thank you nindy, very happy to hear that from you. Can’t do nothing besides wishing you my sis the best for you might have visited Mexico or Korea (I assume the one without Jong Un) or any country as you wish, one day with your lover. Do honeymoon or whatever fantasy things you’d like to do. Really look forward!

      And yes, i think it is possible. “Nothing is too hard for you to accomplish as long as you have believe in yourself” < i got that from YouTube. Hope that can make you feel better.

      Last, you have great spirit, keep it up. Can't say enough but thanks again for sharing your dream and opinion with us 😀 thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu…

      Best of all luck sis ^_^


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